terms and conditions
"Audi Rewards" is a loyalty program provided by Bank Audi sal to specific type of cards. This program allows eligible cardholders to accumulate points and redeem them against free rewards. Below are the terms and conditions that govern this program.
1. Membership of "Audi Rewards" program is free and automatic. The Cardholder does not have to register.

2. Supplementary cards will automatically be included with the basic cards on this program.

3. The Cardholder may earn or redeem points on one or more active cards, provided that the Bank has made at its own discretion the redemption program available for such card type.
Accumulation of Points
1. The cardholder will earn one point for every 10 (US$; Euro or £) of eligible spending. The Bank may vary this amount at its discretion by informing the Cardholder about the date of this change.

2. Every 3 months; we will send you an SMS that shows your accumulated points.

3. Eligible spending on all cards used includes: goods or services purchased by the Cardholder which are not returned or refunded.

4. Ineligible transactions include: Casino, cash advances, interest, annual fees and any other charges, balances transferred, returned purchases, disputed unauthorized fraudulent transactions.

5. Any credits applied to the Cardholder's card account may reduce or eliminate accumulated points and may result in negative point balance. If such credits are applied to the Cardholder's card account after a reward for redemption has been selected that reduces his/her point balance below the amount required for such reward redemption, the Bank may suspend delivery of the requested reward. If the Cardholder's card account has a negative point balance, any newly earned points will be used to offset such negative point balance until such a balance has been brought to zero.

6. Points earned on purchases made using a supplementary card will be combined and reported as one total with the basic card on the point system statement.

7. Points awarded can be exceptionally transferred to another person on redemption under the below conditions, the Cardholder may:

a-Combine separate card accounts in his/her name; (provided those cards are participating in the program).
b-Transfer the points earned by the Cardholder's spouse or any other person living at his/her address. The Bank will allow such transfer of points if the Cardholder and the other Cardholders agree in writing and define the name of which Cardholder is to benefit from the redemption.

8. Any points earned by a business card shall mount up to the respective Cardholder and not the business account unless the company decides otherwise.

9. If the Cardholder has one single card and closes his/her card account, no further points will be earned. The cardholder can redeem any remaining points within 30 days of the date of card or account cancellation. After that date, the accumulated points will expire.

10. If a cardholder has more than one card from the Bank, voluntarily cancels any card, and keeps at least one card, the cardholder can transfer his/her points to another active card, provided all other conditions herein have been met.

11. When the card has been withdrawn as a result of a breach of the card agreement with the Bank, all points accumulated to this card account will be cancelled. The Cardholder will not be able to combine his/her points with another Cardholder under these circumstances.

12. The Cardholder will not accumulate points for any transactions processed and billed by his/her card prior to the program launching date.
Redemption of Points
1. Some rewards can be redeemed against points plus a specific amount of money. The redemption of the rewards offered on a Points plus Money basis will be treated as follow: points will be deducted from the points account and the money will be charged to the Cardholder's MasterCard/Visa card account. No cash can be accepted.

2. Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

3. Delivery of selected rewards will vary between three to five weeks.

4. The Bank will use the services of third parties in connection with the points program and disclosure of Cardholder names and addresses to third parties may be required in order to fulfill claims. This information will be provided to third parties for this purpose only. And thereby, the Cardholder relieves irrevocably the Bank from its obligation related to bank secrecy regarding the above.

5. Redemption of the points executed may not be cancelled or exchanged by the Cardholder and they cannot be converted back into the Cardholder's account.

6. Redeemed rewards are not refundable, exchangeable or transferable for cash, credit or other rewards, or points under any circumstances.

7. The basic Cardholder will have the right of redemption for points earned through Supplementary cards usage.

8. The request for redemption must be made by the Basic Cardholder. Basic Cardholder must initiate the request for redemption of points by filling the redemption form and sending it to Bank Audi sal.

9. By redeeming rewards, the Cardholder releases the Bank from any and all liability regarding the redemption or use of rewards.

10. Rewards must be redeemed in accordance with program terms and conditions.

11. The Bank reserves the right to suspend all awarded points, where the account exceeds the agreed limit or payment is overdue. Once the account is restored to order, the points will be fully reinstated.

12. The redemption request must be made during the specified program period.
Rewards, Vouchers and Airline Tickets
1. Any reward available in the program is subject to change or cancellation at any time without prior notice.

2. All rewards ordered are subject to availability. Certain rewards are available only during the periods described in the program communications. Certain restrictions apply to rewards. Merchants participating in the program are subject to change without prior notification by the Bank.

3. Once opened, rewards may not be exchanged with exception to electrical appliances with manufacturing defects.

4. Any taxes and duties which may become payable are the responsibility of the Cardholder.

5. Rewards can only be redeemed in accordance with the current rewards catalog.

6. The Bank will regularly issue a reward catalog which will set out the number of points required for the Cardholder to claim a reward for each good and service.

7. The time of delivery of rewards may vary according to availability.

8. Any travel or accommodation arrangements made in connection with any reward will be the sole responsibility of the Cardholder.

9. Vouchers are valid at participating merchants only, until the expiration date printed on the front of the certificate.

10. Vouchers must be surrendered at redemption, and no photocopies of vouchers will be honored.

11. Vouchers are not valid towards previous purchases, and cannot be used as a payment on existing account balances with either the participating merchant or Bank Audi. Vouchers have no other cash value.

12. In case the Cardholder did not like the reward, the Bank will not be held responsible and the reward cannot be exchanged nor returned.

13. The Bank and participating merchants are not responsible for replacing lost, stolen, or mutilated vouchers or airline tickets.

14. Fulfillment of the vouchers is the sole responsibility of the participating merchant not the Bank.

15. Vouchers are not transferable unless otherwise noted on the voucher.

16. Vouchers and airline tickets offered do not include any taxes, which are the sole responsibility of the Cardholder.

17. Expired Vouchers are neither acceptable nor renewable.

18. All airline tickets are applicable on the “Q , T , V , R , N , L ” classes ONLY (MEA & Air France) ; All reservations should be made 30 days prior to the trip.

19. Any taxes and duties related to any Airline Ticket, Hotel Reservation & Travel Package which may become payable are the responsibility of the Cardholder.
Program Account
1. The Bank may at its own discretion terminate the points program at any time by giving the Cardholder at least three months notice in writing. Termination will take effect on the date stated in the notice. If the Cardholder does not claim redemption of any outstanding points within 90 days of termination, all accumulated points will be cancelled.

2. The Bank reserves the right to disqualify any person from participation in the points program and to remove any accumulated points if that person has failed to observe the rules of the points program or is in breach of the card agreement.

3. The Bank may at its discretion vary these terms and conditions by informing the Cardholder about the date of this change.
Purchase of Points
1.The purchased points are non-refundable or transferable and they will be posted in the cardholders points balance within 2 to 5 working days .

2. The value of the purchased points will be debited to the credit card number indicated by the cardholder in the redemption form.

3. Points may be purchased in 1,000 points increments up to 10,000 points per transaction. The cardholder may purchase a maximum of 10,000 points per calendar year. The purchased points shall not exceed a sum equal to the total points balance.

4.The purchase of points is not a guarantee of the availability of any Audi Rewards item.

5."Purchase of point" is not applicable on the redemption of "Rewards offers" items.